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Hosting in 4 steps

Sign up

Welcome to Visity! You will be hosting trips or experiences to your guests and making money doing what you love! Sign up and choose to become a “Partner User”. We will be in touch with you shortly while we process your request.

Source an idea

What do you want to present to your guests? What are some of the most fascinating places at where you live? Do you want to take your guests on a city tour or even a food tour? Do you want to showcase your culture, even teach your native language to people? Or you would like to introduce your passion to the world? There is no limit on what you can host! Start brainstorming !

Design your trip

Now you have an idea. let’s start designing your very first trip on Visity. The more details you provide on your trip the more people would know what they can expect. Upload some pictures or videos for your trip and even record a video to introduce yourself. Don’t be shy!

Welcome your guests

You are all set! while you wait for your trip to be approved. Start spreading the word and get prepared for your first guest. Don’t worry, we will reach out to you and help you with what you need to set up. Enjoy your time with your guests! Don’t forget to share your moments with your guests on social media and tag us!


Frequently asked questions

Can I start hosting now given the Covid 19 situation ?
Due the world pandemic, most of countries still have travel restrictions in place. It looks like people are not going to travel at a massive scale any time soon. Just like you and every other travellers, we are waiting for all the travelling to come back and it will come back. However, now it is a perfect time to start planning and designing your travel programs for the future. Since you will be one of the first users on the platform, the founder team will be in close contact with you and help you to optimize your travel programs. Once the coronavirus is over, you can expect to welcome your first clients and start making money.
Who can be a Visity host?
Anybody with passion can be a host of Visity. We are especially looking for people who are passionate about sharing their expertise, cultures and regions. You could be a musician, a chef, an architect, a writer, or a social media influencer. We believe in bringing individual uniqueness into traveling.

How much does it cost to list my trip?
Signing up for Visity and listing your trips is completely free. Once you receive a booking, we charge a service fee for hosts, generally 10%, to help cover the cost of running the business.
What types of trips can I host?
We are still at the Startup stage. Therefore, we are still expanding our categories. The current categories we can include food tour, city tour, nature tour, culture tour, language tour, architecture tour, and music tour. You can practically design and launch any sorts of tour. Just be creative. If you have any recommendations for the categories on Visity, Please reach out to us and we are happy to receive your feedback.