Yes, we are starting a travel company under the global pandemic.

Vision (1)

Our Vision

We aim to connect and inspire the people of the world through travel with a more personal approach compared to traditional group tours.


Our Mission

Whether you’re learning about language, food, culture, or just exploring for fun, we hope to connect you with people that can make your adventure as easy and fun as possible


Our Values

To us at Visity, travel is about connection and the appreciation of culture. What we value most is these connections are made in a safe and positive environment, and that your travelling adventures are enriched and full of wonder.

Become a funding member

Make money doing what you love.

We are inviting you to join a mission to bring the world together.


The world after Covid 19

We are certainly living in strange times. It looks like none of us will be going anywhere for a while under this pandemic, but with your help, we can work together to rebuild the travel industry once a vaccine is found.


Showcase your culture

What are some the most fascinating places in your hometown? What are the most beautiful things in your culture? We want to know. The world wants to know! There are so many people who are curious about you, and we can be the platform to help you make money while showcasing the things you love.


Share your passion

Are you an artist? A chef? An architect? What about a writer or a teacher? What are some of things that drive you and wake you up in the morning? We at Visity believe that everyone has something unique to share and a story to tell. Visity hosts can build their programs around the hobbies they love, and attract like minded and curious individuals to share those passions with.


Make a full-time income

Nothing feels better than making money while doing things you love. Whether you are an experienced tour guide or simply someone who enjoys meeting new people and learning about new cultures, Visity is a platform made for you! With Visity, you have the potential to make a full time income while exploring and connecting the world. Get started today and join Visity!